Hilton Head AstroPhotographer

Lying on the wet sand, after dark on the deserted beach in SeaPines, I thought I was alone until I heard a quiet voice behind me. I was startled,to say the least. James introduced himself and we chatted in the dark about the beauty of the moment. He is an Art Historian at the Guggenheim. The moment he placed his camera to his eye and looked in his viewfinder screen, and I saw my moment, quickly ran behind behind him and from the wet sand, grabbed this image. I thanked him for modeling for me. It took me one hour of taking photos to set up, and after everyone had seemingly gone, the scene suddenly came together. Luckily I was prepared for it. You never know who will just walk into your image.

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5 Responses to Hilton Head AstroPhotographer

  1. Rob Baynard says:

    Very cool! It’s nice when patience pays off!

  2. Gil Williams says:

    Cool Shot! Glad you hung in there and found the gem.

  3. KeithW says:

    WOW Michael – FANTASTIC Shot…
    although laying on the wet sand??? 🙂

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