Spent a couple of hours Sunday at this huge Comic Book Convention. Cosplay is where  thousands of folk wear costumes from science fiction characters. I had seen photographed it first at Harajuku in Tokyo in 2004, then in Orlando  in 2010. I knew from seeing the characters before that there were many great photo opportunities and many folk willing to pose for my camera. Those like me, who photograph players are called “Cameko” in Japan, meaning Camera boy.

Armed with my trusty 28-70mm 2.8 and 28 inch Lightbox with SB600 flash set on CLS, triggered remotely by my Nikon 200, I waded into the mass of costumed young folk waiting for suitable subjects to strike a pose. A very friendly crowd, most were more than happy to model their excellent costumes for the asking, some of whom had won prizes for their work at the Convention. I shot with my lightbox handheld high, with my left hand, mostly against a blank wall behind. Backgrounds were postprocessed in Lightroom and Onone PhotoSuite as necessary. Please feel free to comment.

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