Another Piano Recital



Kenji Suganuma has been our music teacher for 20 years on and off with our four children.
He was trained by Mr Suzuki in Japan and has been running his own piano school since. He can be found at I would highly recommend him as a teacher as he has instilled a great love of music (and even for practice) in my children through his calm structured style. We have also enjoyed our visits to Friday Morning Musicale for his Saturday morning recitals and lunch by the parents.
Here is another group of his students. These photos were all taken from the same seat in the theater, during the performance, except for the last, which was taken on stage when this lovely lady was playing around afterwards. All were taken handheld with available light (theatre lights and natural window light).Nikon D600 70-200mm2.8 at 3.5 and ISO1600. More Photos from the recital are at
Thanks to all the parents for their assistance with practice, costumes and their great food!


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