Florida Polytechnic University

I have passed this amazing building just past Lakeland on 1-4 many times and had been fascinated by its construction. This IST (Innovation, Science and Technology) Building, designed by renowned Spanish architect Dr. Santiago Calatrava, is an oval 160,000-square-foot white domed structure. It has a distinctive louvered roof system and is surrounded by a ring of curved metal pergolas that shade its outer terrace and walkways. The two-story building was completed in 2014, and is surrounded by a group of 7 terraced lakes. I finally had the opportunity to wander around it around sunset, and was even given a guided tour by a very friendly security staff member, when I got to see their IBM supercomputer, the 3-D printing labs, and also labs for nanotechnology, and cybersecurity. There were only 3 students inside studying on this Sunday evening, and Carlos from Argentina was gracious enough to be photographed studying off the main hall. Do go and visit this beautiful building.MFS_9534MFS_9471 MFS_9462MFS_9297 MFS_9489 MFS_9520  MFS_9555 MFS_9562MFS_9631 MFS_9588 MFS_9597

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  1. Una Sheehan says:

    Michael, these photos are really what I’d agree IS AWESOME!!! Congrats, they’re great. What a place to study in! Lucky students!

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