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I was in Tallahassee last weekend at my daughter Aisling’s volleyball tournament (finished 2nd place overall) but took the time between games to explore the neighborhood with my GPS and camera.  I have been seeking and finding Geocaches for many years and often find interesting places and people as a result. With 2.5 million geocaches hidden worldwide, there is always a geocache near you! You can use your smartphone and to track locally hidden caches like this:

We were playing Volleyball the first day in Florida A+M, and I found a great little geocache in Railroad Square Art Park. What a great little place with numerous facilities for artists and things to do! I got some interesting photos especially of the skull (on a shop wall) and various textures from buildings and sculptures. I created a composite from 3 images, the deer skull,  the texture of a cut palm and a rust covered sculpture. (animal, vegetable and mineral). The layered composite was assembled with OnOne perfect Suite. Check out your world. You never know what you will find!

Railroad Square art park composite

Railroad Square art park composite



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