Erin With Her Pearl Earring

Erin with her Pearl Earring. Erin is an enthusiastic, professional and fun model I have had the pleasure of shooting with for the third time. I thought we could try and recreate a classic painting I had seen in SanFrancisco last year. So first, homage is due to both Vermeer and Bill Gekas for inspiration, and to Erin Andie for Makeup, styling and for all the props brought at short notice. Shot at home in 20 minutes. AlienB 800 with beauty dish camera left.  Photix Odin Trigger, Nikon D600, 1/200 f4.5 iso100, Tamron 90mm prime. Processing Lightroom, onOne Photo10. Amazing what processing can be done with a great patient and cooperative model and Lightroom alone. Enjoy.

Erin with her Pearl Earring

Erin with her Pearl Earring

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  1. Trinity says:

    Great symmetry. Amazing capture of the eyes. 10 out of 10!

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