“Post” Work

After the shoot is done, next comes the downloading, the weeding out of the  weaker images, the selection of the stronger images, the post processing of the best images and then the final selection of the top few images from the shoot, which may be just a single image or maybe a series of images each with a different feel. At TJ Drysdale’s Workshop shoot last week, our model Victoria was very versatile so we got a number of different looks in different clothes, in different lighting situations so we had lots of artistic choices to make. It usually takes me at least a week after the shoot, to give my brain time to settle and reevaluate each decent image a few times before the final selection. Enjoy…..20160124-2129529129 20160124-2130049134 20160124-2131479162 20160124-2209589376 20160124-2213409418 20160124-2216559463 20160124-2218109491 20160124-2218349494 20160124-2219109516 20160124-2220409548 20160124-2221009558 20160124-2235439751 20160124-2300509876 20160124-2308219950

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  1. David says:

    I really enjoy the mood of the last three images. Nice work Michael, thanks for sharing!!

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