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Born and raised in beautiful and creative Ireland, I came to the USA in 1987 and settled in sunny Tampa, Florida. My father was an avid and published photographer (Illustrated London News 1934), so I was raised with a Leica camera in my hand, shooting Kodachrome slide film. I learned how to print black and white in high school and got my first SLR in college, a fully programmable Canon A1 which I took on many trips around Ireland and Europe. I got my first Mac computer when they first came out in 1984 and learned on an early version of Photoshop soon after it was available in 1990. I played with some digital cameras, compact point and shoots, but converted to a Nikon D200 early in 2006, then the full frame sensor of the D600 in 2013. I helped to organize my first annual Help-Portrait session in December 2009  (where Scott Kelby was one of our editors) and met up with RC (Concepcion), Kathy Porupski, Brian Leighty, David Rogers, Keith Winn and Eric Valind, among others who were part of the Tampa Bay Strobist Meetup group which I joined, and have become assistant organizer of. I continue to learn more and more from this amazing group of shooters who continue to inspire me to improve my image making.

I love shooting in the outdoors. I love shooting people, and also shoot my daughter’s volleyball team and anything I think will be interesting. I have learned to use Softboxes and umbrellas and my 3 SB600 strobes using the Nikon CLS system. Joe Mc Nally is a big hero of mine and I thank David Hobby for making strobist photography accessible to me when I needed to learn it.

I love editing using Lightroom4, my Wacom Intuos 4 tablet and onOne PhotoSuite4.  I have attended Photoshop World and PPA, and am inspired by many of the great photographers out there, too numerous to mention.  I love studying the classical paintings of the great masters, especially the lighting styles of Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Vermeer, the color palettes of Ruebens, Monet and Van Gogh and the various compositional styles of many artists and photographers. I am a regular visitor and member of the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in Tampa.

I follow a number of Photo blogs, podcasts, NAPP, and other very varied web resources to continue to fuel my enthusiasm for photography.

As a practicing full time psychiatrist, (www.msheehan.yourmd.com) photography gives me the creative outlet I use to help me study and appreciate my world from a different perspective. I thank my father for starting me on this wonderful path of discovery.

3 Responses to About me

  1. Brittany Mantell says:

    Hi Genevieve’s dad – love the pics you are posting of Liam on Genevieve’s FB account


  2. Richard says:

    Hello Mr Sheehan,
    I was searching the web for images I might be able to use for my banner on a private prayer site. I found the image you shot at sunset in Florida. What a shot. I realize I probably can not afford what you would require to use the shot as a banner, but still wanted to compliment you on your work.
    I am low vision and photography allows me to see things I can not normally see.
    This was a fantastic shot.
    I am inspired.
    Thanks for sharing.

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