New Addition to my Vermeer, Recreating the Classics Series

With the help of my wonderful team of like minded Photographers and our model, we managed to pull of another reproduction of a Vermeer painting, The Lady with the Balance. One of my favorites, the lady is delicately holding a balance in an amazingly symmetric composition. The Painting of the Last Judgment, taking up the top right Quadrant of the painting provides an accurate division of the painting in 4. The light cuts across the painting diagonally from the top left to the bottom right. The color palette, mainly of the contrasting Blues and Yellows, provides simple color contrasts of opposites.The top right quadrant represents the Spiritual dimension, whereas the bottom left is the temporal world with its tables, cloths, pearls, gold coins and boxes. Central is the very delicate hand balance which the pregnant lady holds,  while contemplating all these opposites, light and dark, life and death, good and evil, all presided over by the figure of the risen Christ in judgement in the picture behind.

Many thanks are due to my collaborators, Myra Theissen Baldwin for collection of all the props, Tina Serneels French for the Costuming, Stephanie Byrne for being such a patient model and Dennis Ramos for his photographic advice and coffee.