The Beautiful Rai

This image of the beautiful Rai Sampson from Tampa was shot in Mark Aeling’s studio at the Soft Water Studios in St Pete as part of the St Pete Art and Fashion week recently. The background is one of Mark’s magnificent moulds, from which he makes some amazing sculptures. Check out Mark’s site here

Thank you Mark for graciously allowing us to use your space. And thank you Rai for being such a sport and being so patient.

Some more photos of Rai with his sculptures are here

Lighting: AlienB800 in softbox on Left. Nikon D800 iso100,5.6 at 1/200, 28-70 2.8, at 42.


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The Beautiful Anya

St Pete Arts and Fashion week was a whirlwind of activity with loads of Photo opportunities recently. Luckily I had access to some amazing models to make some cool images. These were of Anya Sabina Mayr who was a pleasure to work with.


More available for viewing here

MFS_2849 MFS_2842 MFS_2862

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My Free Lightroom Portrait Adjustment Brush Preset Group

This gallery contains 1 photo.

I was asked to explain my portrait retouching workflow at a recent Meetup of my Strobist group. I have uploaded for your editing pleasure a spreadsheet file of these preset settings here: of course you would have to add … Continue reading

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Tampa Comic Con Final photos

ComicCon81-1I just completed editing my images from the Con and finally uploaded them for general release here. Enjoy! Thanks also to to my photobuddy Sean Neumayer, of Sean Neumayer Photography who suggested the collage above of some of the photos.

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Comic Con Tampa 2015

I had a wonderful time again this year at Comic Con, despite the miserable rain. Thank you everyone for being so pleasant and agreeing to having your image taken. You may remember my weird Flash set up. It is made by my friend Scott Krebs at SaberStrip here in St Petersburg and helps produce great light and pictures. Sean Neumayer was also beside me taking photos and we are members of Tampa Modeling photography association  (meetup) and also the Tampa Bay Strobist & Photoshop Collective Meetup where I am an Assistant Organizer. If you want to model for us or improve your photography or modeling skills, you can contact us through the website links provided. They are large, welcoming and friendly groups.
Here are a few of my first images

The link to all my current images is at I plan to update with time. Please let me know if you saw your photo, or if there is a problem with it. If you click on an image, a larger higher resolution image will open up which you can download and print for non commercial purposes only. On top of this Hi res Photo, there is a “Next” button that you can flick through all the pictures, rather than just the thumbnails. I hope you enjoy the images, (though some are a little disturbing).

Please leave a comment on the blog. If you have any questions or special requests please don’t hesitate to email me. I can provide you even higher resolution files if you want big images printed. Further enhancements to the photos can also be done on request. If your image does not appear on the site yet, please let me know.
If you use them, I would appreciate a small donation toward my time and equipment, through the Donate button on the front page of my website. Thank you especially to the young woman who unsolicited, silently gave me 2 coins and a ring after I took her picture at the Con. Your kindness is much appreciated.

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Panoramic image of Florida Polytechnic University

Florida Polytechnic University.

Florida Polytechnic University.

Had to capture another image of this very cool building, as the sun went down, when I passed by near sunset 6 weeks ago. Had to try some new gear, a new carbon fiber travelling tripod, and finally got around to processing the image in the new Lightroom 6, just released today, merging 8 images to make 2 panoramics which were then merged in onOne Photosuite into the image you see here. Enjoy!

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Hillsborough River by Canoe


Sunday last, I took my nephew Mikey on a 4 hour canoe trip down the Hillsborough River. We put in at Sargeant park, and detoured up Flint creek to find some alligators.


Having found some fat ones of up to about 12 feet long, we used our light weight bent back paddles to pass the calm tree-lined shores, and found a relaxing spot to enjoy our packed lunch, before finally beaching our trusty craft at Trout Creek Park.


Kept my camera gear (Nikon D600, N 28-70 2.8, N 70-200,2.8 and Tamron 10-24mm) in a Pelican Case to avoid mishap though I have not fallen out of my canoe in very many years.



A spectacular day, comfortably warm, with easy paddling on great water made for a very enjoyable time.

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Found objects

I was in Tallahassee last weekend at my daughter Aisling’s volleyball tournament (finished 2nd place overall) but took the time between games to explore the neighborhood with my GPS and camera.  I have been seeking and finding Geocaches for many years and often find interesting places and people as a result. With 2.5 million geocaches hidden worldwide, there is always a geocache near you! You can use your smartphone and to track locally hidden caches like this:

We were playing Volleyball the first day in Florida A+M, and I found a great little geocache in Railroad Square Art Park. What a great little place with numerous facilities for artists and things to do! I got some interesting photos especially of the skull (on a shop wall) and various textures from buildings and sculptures. I created a composite from 3 images, the deer skull,  the texture of a cut palm and a rust covered sculpture. (animal, vegetable and mineral). The layered composite was assembled with OnOne perfect Suite. Check out your world. You never know what you will find!

Railroad Square art park composite

Railroad Square art park composite



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Gallopsville Cars, Model Shoot

I completed another model shoot with the Tampa Bay Modeling Meetup Group last Sunday and had the opportunity to shoot some cool images with some great models, both automotive and human! Shot with one Alien B 800 in a softbox, edited in Lightroom and also with OnOne Perfect PhotoSuite 9. Brittiny brought her A-Game and made it easy. Enjoy. MFS_9971MFS_9984

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Florida Polytechnic University

I have passed this amazing building just past Lakeland on 1-4 many times and had been fascinated by its construction. This IST (Innovation, Science and Technology) Building, designed by renowned Spanish architect Dr. Santiago Calatrava, is an oval 160,000-square-foot white domed structure. It has a distinctive louvered roof system and is surrounded by a ring of curved metal pergolas that shade its outer terrace and walkways. The two-story building was completed in 2014, and is surrounded by a group of 7 terraced lakes. I finally had the opportunity to wander around it around sunset, and was even given a guided tour by a very friendly security staff member, when I got to see their IBM supercomputer, the 3-D printing labs, and also labs for nanotechnology, and cybersecurity. There were only 3 students inside studying on this Sunday evening, and Carlos from Argentina was gracious enough to be photographed studying off the main hall. Do go and visit this beautiful building.MFS_9534MFS_9471 MFS_9462MFS_9297 MFS_9489 MFS_9520  MFS_9555 MFS_9562MFS_9631 MFS_9588 MFS_9597

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